Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mission, Vision, and Goals

The Vision of Cochrane at Mason


Despite its widespread reach, Cochrane expertise has been seriously underutilized in the United States as new methods of health care delivery are required under the Affordable Care Act, and as the nation continues to suffer

the prolonged effects of a battered economy.

Cochrane at Mason is proud to harness the strength and expertise of the Cochrane network and customize it to the unique health, legal and socio-political context of the United States.


Our vision is that healthcare decision-making throughout the world will be informed by high-quality, timely research evidence. We will play a pivotal role in the production and dissemination of this evidence across all areas of health care.


With a wealth of experience, our research team is dedicated to the goal of innovation in:

  • expanding health literacy,
  • contributing to the knowledge base on vulnerable and priority populations,
  • addressing emerging issues, and
  • disseminating information to the general public.
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