Faculty Advisors

Faculty Healthcare Advisors (Faculty Advisors) was founded by the Director of Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy at George Mason University. Conducted in partnership with George Mason University, the Cochrane Collaboration and thought leaders around the world, Faculty Healthcare Advisors provides in-person training to healthcare executives, staff, and other healthcare professionals on best practices in evidence-based medicine. Their full suite of rapid response consulting, data analytics and training offers real results and actionable plans within 6-8 weeks. Our research team has extensive training in:

  • survey methods,
  • usability testing,
  • focus group management,
  • rapid review processes, and
  • systematic review processes (including research prioritization and topic refinement).

Catherine A. Gallagher, PhD

Director  (View CV)


Dr. Gallagher is an associate professor and Director of the Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy at George Mason University, located just outside of Washington, D.C. The mission of the College is to provide policy-makers with rigorous evidence as they broach health and social policy decisions and appropriations.

She has appeared numerous times before the US Congress and on televised policy interviews, providing commentary on the rigor of evidence behind current decision-making. She serves on the Cochrane Fields Executive, is the founder and Director of Cochrane’s Justice Health Field, and is currently an appointee to boards serving the Institute of Medicine and the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Her team is among the founding members of the Cochrane Response Consortium – a group of Cochrane contributors dedicated to exploring rapid evidence synthesis methods. 


Naoru Koizumi, PhD

Principal Advisor (View CV)

   Dr. Koizumi has a background in health and environmental policies and quantitative analysis. She earned her first PhD in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania and the second PhD in Environmental and Preventive Medicine from Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan. Before joining the School of Public Policy at George Mason University in 2005, Dr. Koizumi was a post-doctoral researcher at the Electrical and Systems Engineering Department of the University of Pennsylvania where she worked on various health sector projects in collaboration with the School of Medicine. Most of her research has been supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including her last study that developed a resource optimization tool for mental health systems and the current liver allocation policy project. Her main research interests are health disparities and health care system performance. Her quantitative expertise includes applied statistics, stochastic simulation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). At Cochrane, Dr. Koizumi’s focus will be on the investigation of health disparities and mechanisms that lead to such disparities. She is also interested in developing collaborative projects that identify potential remedies to health disparities.


Larry Tang, PhD

Principal Advisor (View CV)

  Dr. Tang’s research areas include diagnostic medicine, group sequential design, nonparametric methods, and marker-based designs. His research has been supported by the National Cancer Institute and National Security Agency. Besides methodology research, he has collaborated with medical researchers at various universities. He has co-written grant proposals in epidemiology, treatment of depression in cancer patients, criminology, and health communication. He has also conducted statistical analysis in health services, cancer diagnostics, and substance abuse.


Debasree Das Gupta, PhD

Senior Research Associate (View CV)

  Debasree Das Gupta recently completed her doctoral degree in Public Policy from the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. Her primary research focus is the identification of patterns in social and health disparities using stochastic modeling. Debasree specializes in statistical, econometric, spatial and GIS modeling. She has prior experience working on federal as well state funded grant projects, and has authored articles for peer-reviewed journals and presented her research at various international conference proceedings.At Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy she is closely working with the comparative effectiveness research (CER) team (i) in conducting rapid reviews on topics in the field of evidence-based medicine; (ii) in the development of automated CER research tools that enable standardization of PCOR-based evidence synthesis; and (iii) in the conceptualization and development of virtual, interactive health mapping applications that assist patients and other health care stakeholders to make informed health decisions.



Victoria Hoverman

Graduate Research Assistsant (View CV)


Vicki Hoverman has an MA in sociology and a BA in psychology, both from George Mason Universit.  She is currently a doctoral student of Sociology at George Mason University, and recently joined the George Mason University Cochrane Collaboration (Cochrane at Mason) as a graduate research assistant.  Prior to joining the Cochrane at Mason, Vicki served as a graduate research assistant and computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) survey lab manager at the George Mason University Center for Social Science Research (CSSR).  Her past research experience includes survey research on HIV stigma amongst college students, Cambodian Youth Dance as a way of bridging the cultural gap between first generation Cambodian Americans and their immigrant parents, modern racism in the workplace, and human factors psychology utilizing a driving simulator.  Vicki possesses extensive methodological training and experience in survey instrument design and implementation, programming surveys for telephone and web administration, training interviewing staff, and analyzing statistical data.  She will be focusing her doctoral dissertation on testing different survey administration modes in order to determine the most accurate way to collect honest responses from participants about HIV health risk behaviors amongst men who have sex with men (MSM) and college student populations.  In addition to her research experience, Vicki has served in adjunct faculty positions at George Mason University, Montgomery College, Northern Virginia Community College, Hesser College, and the University of New Hampshire- Manchester, teaching Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Sociology of Health, Illness, and Disability, Introduction to Sociology, Deviance and Society, Social Problems, and Child Abuse and Neglect.

Dr. Jessica To-Alemanji

Graduate Research Assistant (View CV)


Dr. To-Alemanji is currently a PhD student in the Rehabilitation Science Department at George Mason University and a graduate research assistant in the Cochrane Collaboration College of Policy (Cochrane at Mason).  Her research interest focuses on concussion management and her work at Cochrane at Mason focuses on the development and dissemination of accelerated evidence syntheses initiated to inform clinical practice and policy. Dr. To-Alemanji graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Health Education and obtained her MSPT and her transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Marymount University. In addition to her work as a clinician, Dr. To-Alemanji's has enjoyed the challenge of educating young Physical Therapy professionals through her previous work as an adjunct professor at Marymount University and Faculty Clinical Assistant Professor at Howard University and currently an adjunct at George Washington University. Her past research experience includes being a research assistant/coordinator at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a government funded research study developing normative data in postural control for the military population. She believes exchange of information between disciplines fosters optimal treatment care. Healthcare in general, benefits from an exchange of ideas between researcher, practitioners, patients and policymakers. 



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