Data Analytics

The sheer volume of data--150 billion gigabytes in 2011--possessed by healthcare organizations presents as much promise for as challenge against a meaningful interpretation of this information. In fact, recent reports indicate that the healthcare industry lags behind other sectors of the economy in harnessing the power of “big data analytics” to transform their practices.

To address the above bottleneck, at Cochrane at Mason we have developed a suite of online assessment and data analytics tools that allow policymakers, consumers and healthcare providers compare their performance to other regions across the globe. This suite of tools equips our data analytics team to generate contextualized and tailored findings and predict problems that could arise within healthcare organizations. 

Our Work in Data Analytics

Cochrane for Constituents, our novel web-based hospital mapping application, is one such tool which organizes and displays vital hospital data across different states and regions in the United States. This easy-to-access and user-friendly application is designed to significantly contribute to the users’ ability to visualize a range of hospital-based healthcare performance metrics.


We launched C4C as the one-stop virtual portal on essential hospital-level healthcare data. Organized to cater to the needs of a diverse range of information seekers, from average citizens to healthcare experts, this package of interactive maps is a truly useful resource for all aspiring to contribute to the conversation around healthcare in the US. For more information visit Cochrane for Constituents.

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