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Heart Failure Accelerated Evidence Synthesis

Current AES Projects:

Reducing hospital readmissions among heart failure patients

Cochrane at Mason completed a rapid review commissioned by Inova Health System to synthesize the best evidence on hospital discharge procedures linked to reduced hospital readmissions for heart failure. This review was a 6-8 week project that helped Inova Hospital Systems respond to a late 2012 Medicare directive to penalize hospitals with high heart failure readmission rates. Evidence generated from this synthesis was immediately used by Inova to inform their discharge practices to improve patient satisfaction, reduce hospital readmissions, and heart failure related deaths.

Mental health impacts of solitary confinement

As part of Cochrane at Mason’s mission to improve the rigor of social information, this review in progress provides the first ever rigorous and accelerated synthesis of research on the impact of solitary confinement on mental health. Evidence generated from this synthesis can be used to inform practitioners from a multitude of fields concerned about public safety, public health, mental health, and corrections management.

Promoting breast cancer awareness and prevention

Cochrane at Mason is conducting an accelerated evidence synthesis to analyze research on best practices in promoting awareness on breast cancer and early detection through routine screening. This review is a timely undertaking in light of the Bill passed by the Virginia legislature (HJ 762 Breast cancer awareness and prevention; local health departments to provide detailed report). The evidence generated as part of this project could be used by decision makers at the local levels of governance as they work to meet the requirements mandated by HJ 762.

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